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Team Skill Mapping
Standard Skill Test

Standard Skill Test

Test and profile your team capability against a set of industrial reference

Custom Skill Mapping

Custom Skill Mapping

Map your team skill against a custom set of defined capabilities and skills

Need Analysis

Need Analysis

Identify and fine tunes training needs through strength and weakness profiling of the team

Service Features

Employ the newest whole-brain learning approach with hands-on activities for better knowledge transfer


Objective oriented rather than content driven, aim to enable learners performance after learning

Blended Learning

Leveraging advanced educational technology, combining online and offline training activities for optimal learning

Digital Enablement

Leading Learning Management System (LMS) that supports social learning and system connectivity


Our trainers’ global exposure and multi-culture experience will deliver to your need anywhere in the world

Robust Service

Training project process proven with hundreds of large multinational companies customers for 15 years

Find out how our service can help you today!

Our Process


Interview team leader and stakeholders, conduct skill test to determine specific need


Identify and articulate training outcomes in term of what the participants will be able to do


Adjust program design for objective outcome, and verify with stakeholders to ensure alignment


Connecting the learners to the contents, warming up to the knowledge/skill acquisition


Conduct the training in designated methods, with full involvement from participants


Conduct 360 performance review with all those involved, provide additional support as needed

Success Cases
Daimler Bens

Daimler Bens

Daimler Benz Beijing selected SCMC for “Purchasing Essential”, and consecutively CPSM for their team

Doosan  (DICC)

Doosan (DICC)

Doosan InfraCore China selected us for “Advance Purchasing Academy” 2 years in a row

Air Liquide

Air Liquide

The French company selected our CPSM-PLD for “Professional Leadership Development” for the Asia regional team

BP China

BP China

CPSM and custom program “Improving Shared Service with better Stakeholder Engagement”

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