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Transformational Train the Trainer

Value Focus

Transform yourself from an expert practitioner into a competent trainer able to effectively transfer knowledge and skills that sticks in a 2-day workshop.

  • Ever felt teaching a course is tiresome, long and lacking energy?
  • Does your participants exhibit tediousness, showing more interest tapping their cellphone?
  • Do you put up lots of teaching effort and felt they still didn’t learn?

This course is designed to change that.  Along with blended e-learning modules, T4 let you capture the necessary course preparation, design, delivery, presentation and facilitation skills that is performance oriented, learner-centric and brain-friendly, and guide you how to convert and authoring traditional class-room training program into online micro-learning lessons.

Through real course design, development and presentation, the workshop let you learn by doing, show what you have and absorb through concrete practice.  You’ll be able to continue the practice online afterward in an on going basis to improve yourself continuously.

Who will benefit

Practitioner, managers, professionals, subject matter experts or trainers wishing to rapidly enhance training, presentation, facilitation and online seminar skills and improve training efficiency

Learning Outcome

You are at the center of stage, going through vigorous practice to acquire the new skills and concepts.

You will be able to:

  • Design performance-oriented, highly effective program
  • Practice a disruptive 4C/4P training method
  • Leverage training activities to capture and maintain interest
  • Adept at using the instructional design tools and system
  • Employ whole-braining learning principle to enhance learning energy and make learning sticks
  • Present and facilitate confidently releasing your expertise
  • Use all the techniques in listening, questioning, conducting discussions, case analysis and summarizing
  • Break through the traditional linear teaching style, transforming to accelerated learning
  • Use LMS and tools to develop, upload, author, and facilitate online and blended learning program
  • Redesign and convert existing program into online learning program
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