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CPSM, or “Certified Professional in Supply Management”, is a comprehensive framework of knowledge for procurement associated with a certification designated by the Institute for Supply Management (ISM).

Training Value Focus

  • Transfer of knowledge and concepts integrating with international experience
  • CPSM certification focused, including 80 competencies in all 3 modules
  • Reconciling systematic knowledge framework with learner’s experience, strengthening, enhancing and uplifting
  • Preparation for the certification exams

Aiming Outcome

  • Acquire the 80 core competencies requirement and related knowledge
  • Understand critical concepts that leads to problem solving
  • Familiar with relevant practice methodology, tools and approaches
  • Expand strategic vision and cultivate professional leadership mindset
  • Acquainted to exam problem type, test taking skill and improve passing rate

Who shall benefit

leaders, members and managers of sourcing, procurement, commodity and supply management functional team

Program Structure

CPSM consist of 3 modules with 17 sections of skills.  Training program for CPSM can range from 3-days exam-preparation briefing, to 10 days extensive knowledge/skills coverage spanning over a few weeks.  Assessment can be provided to identify needs and emphasis and optimize outcome

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