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CASS, for “Certified Ace in Strategic Sourcing”, develops top talent capability that applies  advanced and proven strategic sourcing methodology to produce quantifiable performance, with potentially more than 5x return on investment on a typical project

Training Value Focus

  • Integrates with strategic sourcing project in your enterprise to generate tangible performance value
  • Transfer of critical concepts, methodology and tools immediately applicable to work in supply category management strategy
  • Proprietary tools from top global consulting firm
  • Establish ROSMA framework that aligns with CFO terminology

Who will benefit

Leaders and team member in procurement and supply management, those who involve in sourcing, strategic sourcing and category management

Training Outcome

Participants will be able to

  • Produce quantifiable performance consistent with corporate financial objective
  • Strengthen core fundamental competencies
  • Build systematic process to deploy differential supplier management strategy
  • Master strategic approach and tactical tools, advance professional skills
  • Use advance model for performance benchmarking and to guide initiatives

Program Structure

CASS program consist of 4 modules.  Module 1 and 2 includes 6 essential competency building blocks, and Module 3 and 4 are advanced level, real world project-focused programs that aims to drive measurable performance.

Module 1 & 2 — (6 days): Strategic and Tactical Sourcing, Contracting, Cost Analysis, Negotiation, Analytics

Module 3 & 4 — (4 days): Sourcing and Supply Strategy Chess Board, Opportunity Analysis, Supplier Relationship Management, Return on Supply Management Asset

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